The Man Who Wanted A Child

A film by Delphine Gleize

Written by : Delphine Gleize

Cast : Dary Cowl, Artus de Penguem, Valérie Donzelli

french release : 21 mars 2007

Festival(s) : Copenhaguen International Film Festival 2007, Hambourg nternational Film Festival 2007

Synopsis : Alfred has a girlfriend and is desperate for a child. Which in itself would not be too difficult, but Alfred cannot bring himself to even kiss his girlfriend, let alone sleep with her. He feels much closer to his mother. Therefore, Alfred decides for an adoption and things look good as his application is granted. Until the adopted child turns out to be an old man. A bizarre and bittersweet drama enfolds.

Co-produced by : Amazing Digital Studios

French distributor : Haut et Court

International Sales : Wild Bunch