Mystification ou L’histoire des portraits

A film by Sandrine Rinaldi


Written by : Sandrine Rinaldi

Cast : Camille Cayol, Lucia Sanchez, Laurent Le Doyen, Laurent Lacotte, Serge Bozon, Valérie Donzelli

french release : 9 Mars 2005

Festival(s) : ACID Cannes Film Festival, Locarno International Film Festival, Entrevues International Film Festival

Synopsis : Des photographies compromettantes à récupérer, une promenade de santé… Et ce qu’il faudrait : effacer toute trace. Before he marries his current girlfriend, eccentric speech therapist Richard asks his friend Raphael to help him destroy photos kept by his ex-girlfriend, Mademoiselle Dornet, as a record of their relationship. Raphael in turn enlists an actor to pose as a Turkish doctor and convince Dornet that she must rid herself of the photos in order to cure her depression.

Co-produced by : Les Films Hatari

French distributor : Shellac