Bullet in the head

A film by Jaime Rosales

Written by : Jaime Rosales

Cast : Ion Arretxe, Íñigo Royo, Jaione Otxoa

Festival(s) : Prix FIPRESCI, Festival International du Film de San Sebastian 2008

Synopsis : Ion is an apparently normal guy. He gets up in the morning, has breakfast, organises his things and meets with group of solicitors. He meets a girl at a party one night and they spend the night together in her apartment. His life does not include any special events. A phone call from a phone box; meeting with a friend; simple and unimportant every-day situations. But one day he gets into a car with another two people. They cross the border to France. They spend the night at a couple's house. On the next morning they kill two off-duty civil guards in an accidental encounter at a road coffee bar.

Co-produced by : Fresdeval Films, Wanda Vision

French distributor : Bodega Films

International Sales : The Match Factory